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FIGS Tunisia

More than a collaboration More than a collaboration

1. Problem:

FIGS Tunisia, representing a consortium of 17 French private schools, sought to attract Tunisian youth to pursue higher education in France. Despite their robust offerings and strong industry connections, they faced the challenge of effectively engaging their target audience in Tunisia.

2. Approach:

Audience-Centric Content: I delved into the aspirations, interests, and concerns of Tunisian youth considering education abroad.

Engaging Instagram Reels: I crafted a series of captivating Instagram Reels that highlighted the advantages of studying in France and showcased the unique features of FIGS Education.

Informative Guidance: Alongside promotional content, I created informative videos that guided potential students through the application process, visa requirements, and the day-to-day life of international students in France.

Active Engagement: I fostered direct interaction by hosting Q&A sessions and live chats, responding to inquiries and building trust within the audience.

3. Solution:

The partnership with me yielded remarkable results:

Significant Increase in Enrollments: FIGS Tunisia witnessed an impressive surge in student sign-ups, with over 150 enthusiastic candidates completing the application forms.

Massive Video Engagement: My Instagram Reels garnered substantial attention, accumulating more than 30,000 views, demonstrating the strong appeal of the content.

Heightened Brand Visibility: The increased engagement and enthusiasm from potential students positioned FIGS Tunisia as the preferred destination for international education.

Building Trust: The personal stories and testimonials featured in the content played a pivotal role in building trust and credibility among the audience.

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